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Monday, October 2, 2017

The Potential of Brain: Intuitive Mind and Gut Feelings

 The Potential of Brain: Intuitive Mind and Gut Feelings from Awaken you wonderful we

New philosophy of relation between brain, mind, body, physical heath, ego
The gut feelings are the feelings that we can sense about any changes in our body in critical situation. The most outstanding ability of experts and outliers is the gut feelings. The outliers can sense the strange feelings - gut feelings when dealing with the difficult problems or in critical situation. Listening to gut feelings help them a lot in dealing with the problems and avoid the risks. Katy Cowan has some advice to take advantages of gut feelings from “When to trust your gut feelings in business” in
When you first meet someone and when you are considering a new partnership. First impression is the clearest perception about stranger. Be alert, open, and analytical of everyone you meet. Always read between the lines of what they are saying. Take precaution with the irritating gut feelings, especially when the strangers want to ask so many private questions.
 Katy Cowan also advice to pay attention to gut feelings when you are sending work over to a client to approve, when someone phones your office, when you are considering a new client, and when you are in business meeting. Trust and listen to your gut feelings.
Carolyn Gregoire from recommended “ten things highly intuitive people do differently” to get the most of gut feeling

·         They listen to that inner voice.
·         They take time for solitude.
·         They create, creativity appear when the mind function intuitively.
·         They practice mindfulness.
·         They observe everything.
·         They listen to their bodies.
·         They connect deeply with others.
·         They pay attention to their dreams.
·         They enjoy plenty of down time.
·         They mindfully let go of negative emotions
These ten things are also some of activities that meditator practice every day. All of these things and techniques of meditation is to boost the quality of thinking by quiet the mind. Most of well-trained people can sense the gut feelings in critical situations. According to them, there is something strange happens inside their bodies, but they do not know what it is and why it happens? Strange, transient feelings are slightly like transient chills, transient pain in neck, slightly pain in stomach, slightly sweating in hands or transient joy or warm feelings. In the book Blink of Malcom Gladwell, the author writes many critical situations about the gut feelings of many experts. The book leave in my mind one question to answer: “How and why do we have gut feelings?”
If review all the signs of gut feelings, we will find that all signs of gut feelings are the effects of happy chemicals and stress chemical: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, adrenalin, noradrenalin, and cortisol. Reading table 1: the symptoms of excessive dopamine; and table 6: the most symptoms of stress that we can find in many patients, we will have the clear understanding about gut feelings. Gut feelings come from listen to the tiny changes inside the body. The gut feeling is transient in tiny second. People feel it transiently but do not cognitively understand it. The reason that we cannot understand gut feelings is gut feelings is the function of emotional mind operated by amygdala in limbic system; on the other hand, understanding is the function of thinking mind operate by cerebral cortex. If we do not practice to quiet the mind by mindfulness or meditation, we will rarely establish good connections between these parts of brain; poor connections make the brain function badly, especially, in critical situation. If people do not have tranquil mind, do not have good connections among many parts of brain owing for thousand hours of establishing connection, they rarely get the best function of the brain. The more people train the mind and body, the better they can understand the feelings they have in each circumstance. Gut feelings is the proof of our mind that the unconscious mind can sense something wrong and send the signals to the body but the conscious mind do not know it. In critical situations, human mind can perceive large amount of information from environment then create many conditioned changes inside the mind (thinking), brain (chemicals) and body (physical signals) so silently that most of the time we do not know the changes if we do not pay attention. If we train our mind well by vigorous thinking and practicing to establish good connections, our potential mind will help us a lot in difficult situations. Outliers have best judgment with gut feelings and sharp thinking owning for the good quality of connections among many parts of brain and body. Time to create well connections inside brain is ten thousand hours, according to Malcom Gladwell. The number of ten thousand hours of practicing has created many disagreements. I just want to clarify the term “ten thousand hours of practicing” into “ten thousand hours of establishing connections in the brain when people are in good state.” Establishing the connection inside brain can come from practicing, or thinking, or both of them. Engineers, workers, warriors, and boxers mainly create connection by practicing, they spent small amount of time for thinking to improve the work. However, great philosophers and gurus spend most of the time for the process of thinking to establish the dots of information in the brain and connection between parts of brains. Some of them are Buddhism, Socrates, Plato, Peter Drucker, Lao Tzu and many others.
The one who use use both practicing and thinking to establish connection in mind are the leaders, generals, Olympic gold medalists, martial art masters. If anyone has the feeling of anger, hatred, tiredness, or stress - the bad state of mind – all the time, the connections established inside brain will be low quantity and poor quality; they will hardly to become the outliers.
If individuals do not master the mind, they will be the victims of the potential mind with irrational thinking and emotional behaviors. Uncontrolled mind with bad thoughts is the sources of all stress that people meet. Chronic stress with excessive stress chemicals is the sources of all miseries that human being is bearing. Next sections, we will find out more how and why human beings have gut feelings.
Real cause of of human problems: Autism, Depression and Stress
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